Talk to Year 10 ICT Students by Gary Stewart

ICT Manager at South Marston DC

The talk was presented to the optional ICT class at Kingsdown School, Swindon by Gary Stewart, IT Manager from South Marston DC. From this presentation, the students learned the advantages and disadvantages of computers and how some dangerous risks, such as hacking, can be overcome. Throughout the presentation, we learned that protecting data is necessary as it can be stolen easily, both physically and electronically, through digital devices such as an email with a virus in it which can steal or even delete important data. Midway through the intriguing presentation, the whole class took part in an activity where we were divided in half and we were given equipment and told we had to compete to see which group could connect a computer to Facebook the fastest.

“This was a really interesting talk—thank you to Gary Stewart and South Marston DC.”

Chloe Bracknell, Year 10

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